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Libri sullo yoga

Doppiamente buono

Inspired by yoga a guide to ethical cuisine, healthy and sustainable. Scientific data, short stories and in the final chapters 54 menu and 160 vegan and vegetarian recipes easy, low cost, seasonal and delicious.

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Lo yoga nelle diverse età

One of the gifts of yoga is the transformation of the human frailty into the readiness to experience the changes of age with wisdom. To live with an ethical purpose, with grace, elegance, strength and beauty, every passage of existence can be clarified through the knowledge of yoga tradition

The book contains specific yoga practices for children, students, middle age and the elderly people. It also offers references taken from yoga literature and social, medical sciences.

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Lo yoga per tutte le stagioni

The book contains precise directions of yoga practice to get in tune with the power of the seasons and prevent seasonal ailments. It is very beneficial to contact the rhythm of the seasons and the energy of the natural environments, especially the wild ones, through yoga. The best results in terms of health and emotional stability are obtained from a small but daily yoga practice suitable for the season.

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Libro per bambini

Happy yoga for children:
asanas, breathing exercises,
relaxations and meditations
for playing with friends and parents.

Each exercise is presented
with a nice drawing
and an inspiring short story.

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