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In Milano, during The Salone del mobile 2007, for the network of exhibitions Best Up, deedicated to sostenability, was present Urban Alamanac, the urban version of the traditional farmer's almanc. The concept was to promote the growing of  kitchen gardens on the balcony of urban houses as a way to increse awarness on ecological aspects of food transport.

Most of the urban population has lost  touch with agricultural production and, as result, at the market buy fruits and vegetable without knowing if they are of the season and local. From where it cames, in april, the pear to eat with  parmigiano cheese?  From Ecuador, from Argentina? How much cost its transport in terms of energy and pollution? The fuel of airplanes is kerosene, that is very polluting. An airplane use eighty liters of fuel in a minute, pollutes as fifthy non catalytic cars.  Six handred millions tons of C02 are released in the air every year by cargo planes : a major contribution to greenhouse effect.

Pick up strawberrys and wather the peppers are plesant and estetically rewarding activities that can reconnect  the urban cityzen to the rhythm of the seasons and consequently teach him how to do the food shopping in an ecologicaly correct way, following the seasonal and local productions. With important social benefits: the reduction of  pollution and the improvment of individual health, because fresh fruits and vegetables are much more rich in vitamis and nutrients.


Collaborazione con Positive Flow

ricerca e testi per Pollinate Urbana parete verde anti-inquinamento a difesa della bio-diversità

presentata a Milano (aprile 08) durante la fiera: Fai la cosa giusta

Ricerca e testi per Impollinazione Urbana presentata a Bologna (settembre 08) alla fiera Sana