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Consigli per viandanti giardinieri

The book explores a double happiness: that of walking and observing with the eyes of the botanist/gardener the paths of the Apennines, the alpine woods, the residual spaces of the cities, the Mediterranean scrub, and the happiness of creating a balcony / garden / vegetable garden resilient, wild, fragrant and ethical thanks to seeds and cuttings collected while walking

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Una casa per te

Philosophy, art, sustainability and practical solutions on interior design.

More then 40 important interviews: a cocktail of intelligent opinions

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A fior di pelle

An intimate story:

the journey, from London to Colombia, of a woman obsessed by her skin and the skin of others.

Open, sweet and philosophical.

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Rane, raganelle, …

Una raccolta di poesie

A collection of poems

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The real story of Denise Zintgraff

that lived in Saudi Arabia as french teacher of a very young prince.

Exciting and funny.

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Vivere a sinistra

An historical document for knowing the ‘new Italian left movement’ that emerged from the ‘68.,

A report taken from real voices of the leading actors, during the period.

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Giù le mani

Self defence manual and critical essay, one of the first Italian books with a feminist point of view about violence against women.

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Vivere insieme

First Italian essay on the community life.

I signed the historical part and the many interviews to young people that lived in the comuni.

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